A month-long experiment to create 30 ways to generate $1k, one day at time.


The backstory

The idea for this project started with a challenge from a mentor to come up with 20 different ways I could make $1000. It took me much less time than I anticipated to ideate a few options, and over the next several days more followed.

'What if I do one of these every day for the next month?' I thought. It seemed truly crazy and scary, so I had to say yes.

Some of the money-making tactics on my list are more outlandish and ridiculous than others, but every single one of them, if done right, has the potential to prove successful, at least for the quick daily $1k I'm hoping to generate.

What is it going take? Action. Each day I will focus my attention and activities on the single designated project I've assigned. With the strict schedule, I will have to hustle hard and fast to get from concept to sales in a single day. I'm not trying to scale any of these ideas into large scale operations; I just want to get them off the ground to try new ventures.

Honestly, this isn't even about the money. Sure, $30k in a month would be pretty super (hello vacation time in July & August!), but my larger goals are about overcoming the obstacles that consistently prevent me from starting something. You know the usual culprits: fear of rejection, prohibitive costs, perfectionism, shame around self-promotion, concern of what people will think, and my personal favorite, fear or failure.

But what I've realized is, the only way for this experiment to fail is if I make the choice to quit. Of course I will make mistakes and fall short throughout this project, but avoiding what I consider failure is completely within my control, and I'm choosing to not let that be an option. Whether this completely project drains me and earns me zero dollars in revenue or one of my ideas takes off creating a potential for substantial income, it's sure to teach me incredibly valuable lessons about myself and business.

And who really knows what will happen? The possibilities are endless.

Let's do this.

This is not my office, it's a stock photo, but isn't it beautiful?

This is not my office, it's a stock photo, but isn't it beautiful?


The dreamer behind the doing

That's me, Richelle.

I'm a freelance event planner, serial networker, passionate yogini, insatiable traveler, and eternal adventure-seeker.  I believe in making dreams come true, getting what you ask for from life, and living for the 'f*ck yes' moments.

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